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Basseterre, St. Kitts

October 30th, 2014
9:00AM - 6:00PM

St. Kitts is the largest island in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is located in the West Indies, on the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Basseterre is the capital and largest city. St. Kitts is known for its large population of Green Vervet Monkeys, both domesticated and wild.


The weather at the end of October averages around 85°F high temperatures and 78°F low temperatures. Basseterre has no dry season, and rainfall averages 0.25"/day in the fall.

Language and Currency

As a member of the British Commonwealth, the official language in St. Kitts and Nevis is English. Like St. Lucia, the official currency is the East Caribbean Dollar ($), which is fixed at a rate of US$1 = EC$2.70. US dollars are widely accepted around the island and many vendors will have prices listed in both EC$ and US$ (prices with just a $ sign may be in either currency). If you pay in US$ some smaller vendors may give you change in EC$.

Getting Around

Basseterre is a small town which is laid out in a grid pattern. It has four main streets running west to east (starting from the north: Cayon St, Central St, Liverpool Row, and Bay Rd). The main street running north to south is Fort St./Bank St. The cruise terminal is near the intersection of Bay Road and Fort Street. The city has 2 centers, at The Circus, which is geared towards tourism, and the Independence Square, which contains the cathedral, courthouse, and most of the older buildings.


Taxis have yellow license plates starting with the letter "T" or "TA". Taxis will be lined up at the port just outside the duty-free shopping area.

Public buses

Public Buses have a green license plate starting with the letter "H". The buses are privately owned (often with cute names) and don't run on a fixed schedule. Bus fares range from EC$2.50 to EC$3.75 (about US$1.00 - US$1.50). The main bus terminal is located at the Ferry Terminal, just to the west of the cruise port. There are 5 main bus routes on St. Kitts:
  •     Basseterre to Sandy Point traveling West, starting at the Ferry Terminal.
  •     Basseterre to Capesterre traveling West, starting at the Ferry Terminal.
  •     Basseterre to St. Peter's traveling North, starting at College Street Ghaut.
  •     Basseterre to Molyneux traveling East, starting at Baker's Corner.
  •     Basseterre to Saddler's traveling East, starting at Baker's Corner.
Rental Cars

AVIS Car Rental is located near the cruise port, across the street from the duty-free shopping area. A driving permit is required, and is available for $24 from the rental car agency.

Things to Do

  • The Circus, Independence Square (formerly Pall Mall Square),the Co-Cathedral of Saint Johns/Basseterre and St. George's Anglican Church are the major historical landmarks in Basseterre City.
  • Romney Manor-Caribelle Batik, which was once owned by Capt. Samuel Jefferson, the great, great, great grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson, is located along the coast to the west of the city. The great house, which sits amidst 25 acres of tropical gardens, is now a batik factory turning out mulch-coloured prints.  The gardens feature a collection of exotic plants, palms and trees from all over the world, including Bismark Palms, Travelers Palms and a 370-year-old African Saman Tree.
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is perched atop a volcanic cone on the west coast of the island that is 800 feet high and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and neighboring islands.  Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is a World Heritage Site.
  • Sir Timothy's Hill, located south-east of the city, offers panoramic views of Frigate Bay and the Southeast Peninsula.
  • St. Kitts Scenic Railway: The St. Kitts Scenic Railway takes passengers on a 3-hour tour that makes a 30-mile circle around the beautiful Eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts, with 18 miles by narrow gauge train and 12 miles on sightseeing buses. Built between 1912 and 1926 to transport sugar cane from the island’s sugar plantations to the sugar factory in the capital city of Basseterre, today the “Last Railway in the West Indies” provides visitors an unsurpassed opportunity to experience the scenery and culture of this unspoiled country.


  • Thenford Grey of "Grey's Island Excursions" - FULL
    • Organized by SJ25 (post on the Cruise Critic thread or email  to join)
    • Special group rate of $39/pp including fortress entrance fee. Lunch at the beach is an additional $20-$25/pp.
    • Participants (20 max):
      • TheHappyWanderers (2) Mike & Gigi 
      • sj25 (2) Steve & Julie
      • HayPrizz (2) Kathie & Jerry 
      • Katfish841 (2) Mark & Kathy 
      • Jeannie333333 (2) Jean & Graham
      • stevejco (4) Steve & Marcy Steve & Nickie
      • esms5 (2) Mary Ann & Ed
      • Barecove (2) Tang and Tuyet
      • BaileyBoo1312 (2) Ron & Wendy
    • SHIP: Brilliance of the Seas
      EXCURSION: "The Tour"
      TIME: 9.50 a.m.
      PLACE: Arrivals Hall, Port Zante. All excursions begin and end at the Arrivals Hall.
      See attachment for a photographic orientation of our meeting place.
      COST: $39.00 U.S. per person (includes $10 Fortress entrance fee). 
  • Royston Island Tour
    • Organized by blondie from arizona and carencpa (post on the Cruise Critic thread to join)
    • $45/pp including all drinks, lunch, and entrance fees.
    • You would circle the island clockwise starting on the Caribbean side touring Basseterre then working around to the Atlantic stopping at Romney Manor, Caribelle Batik, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Dieppe Bay point, Black Rocks, Timothy hill and a few other scenic places. the island tour is about 5 hours then have lunch at a beach (south friars) on the peninsula where you can then have some beach / snorkel time if you like before heading back. $45 each including all drinks, lunch and entrance fee.
    • TO MEET AT PORT - as you get on the port you go through the big entrance building and I would be on the other side facing you with a sign of my name and wearing a yellow shirt. My cell is 869 663-4529 you can take just in case, anyone at the port would help make a call for you. meeting 8:15 - 8:30, if you get there before I do, can wait or walk around for a few minutes. Pay after the trip, cash or travelers check.
    • Participants (Royston's van, open, not air conditioned, 7 and 10 max, organized by blondie from arizona ):
      • 2 - Roger and Leeah (blondie from arizona)
      • 2 - Bob and Gail (paws223)
      • 4 - Paul, Sue, Bill and Ann (annie and billyb)
      • 2 - Jeff and I (hot blue stang)
      • 2 - Sherri and Jeff (JB Steeler fan)
      • 1 - Robert (Reese718)
    • Participants (Ashton's van, air conditioned, 10 people max, organized by carencpa) - FULL:
      • Meet at Café Latté-tudes, deck 5, at 9:00am. Tour guide will meet us at 9:15.
      • carencpa (2)
      • Bette And Bill (2)
      • samzgirl84 (2)
      • Greyt2dogs (2)
      • Cruisin Elf (2) - John & Beth
  • Welcome Tours with Beulah / Carambola Beach Club
    • Organized by ocsuzie (post on the Cruise Critic thread to join)
    • $25/person. There will be an additional charge for the loungers and an umbrella. ($10/lounge $5 for an umbrella)
    • A short (about 25 minute) tour of the city, and then dropped off at Carambola Beach Club. As a group, we can decide how long we want to stay at the beach, and will be picked up and return to the ship.
    • You should meet me at 9:30 by the Smoke and Booze store located straight ahead after exiting the Arrival hall to pay cash $25 pp and start your tour. I will have my sign "Welcome Tours with Beulah" for easy ID. transportation is in an air condiction taxi van.
    • Participants:
      • siaia2-Shella & Bill-2
      • ocsuzie-Randy and Suzanne-2
      • Steve 03904-Steven & Lisa-2
      • Boston812-Jeff & Denise-2
  • Rain Forest/Plantation-Batik/ Wingfield Valley Hike
    • Organized by Bluesky2Star (email to join)
    • Cost is $65 US per person - $ 52 US if more than 4 persons. Price also includes light lunch with local food.
    • 1/2 Day Tour 9am Sharp ! -1230 ish
    • 4 confirmed already, room for 4 +
      • Pick up outside cruise terminal at 9am sharp w/Gregs Safaris (he does another tour after lunch)
    • 4 X 4 to Manor Plantation - 350 year old tree and locally made Batik @ Caribbelle
    • Rain Forest Tour- Valley of Giants
    • Wingfield River Walk/Hike ( kept pest free for folks concerned), wear comfort shoes.
    • Confirmed 4 persons already for an 8 person 4 X 4, up to 24 can go with other vehicle
      ( can take more with bigger truck- the 8 person is front facing and the big one is side seating- I would like to have 4 others with the small one)
      ( also- if you do not/able to do the walk/hike you are able to wait at trail head together with vehicle in area)
    • Reply soonest before Boston Dept
      • I have been in direct contact with owner- need info how many before Boston Dept., Prefer by Oct 22 at Latest !!!

Eat and Drink

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